Doctors of the World’s Covid-19 Vaccine Project

Doctors of the World UK (DOTW) has launched a Covid-19 vaccine advocacy project to ensure that everyone in the UK has access to the vaccine, regardless of immigration status. As well as producing translated Covid-19 information resources, DOTW will play a proactive advocacy and coordination role in relation to the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine programme.

The project aim is to ensure that the vaccine programme is equally available to all in the UK, regardless of immigration status.

In late 2020 the UK government began making Covid-19 vaccinations available to the UK population. It is essential that all people are included in this programme, regardless of immigration status, both from a public health perspective and a moral one. The project includes three key work areas:

  1. Advocacy and policy - Identifying gaps in vaccine roll out policy and implementation, and proposing workable solutions.
  2. Coordination and connection: Representing migrant communities and sector organisation with a stake in vaccine roll out.
  3. Communication materials: Providing tailored Covid-19 information for migrant and other excluded communities.
Register for updates on Covid-19 vaccine information, roll out policy and implementation
Register for updates on Covid-19 vaccine information, roll out policy and implementation.

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